The story behind

In 1937, the treasure of Danzan Ravjaa, a famous buddhist master from the Gobi desert, was buried in the sand by Tuduv, the caretaker of his legacy, to protect it from being destroyed by the communist army.

About Danzan Ravjaa

Danzan Ravjaa (1803-1856) was a reincarnated buddhist master (the „Fifth Noyon Khutugt“) who lived in the Gobi desert near the town Sainshand.

About the Treasure

In 1937, when the mongolian army raided the monasteries and killed the monks or at least forced them to renounce their monastic vows, the „Takhilch“ (caretaker) of Danzan Ravjaa’s legacy, a man called Tuduv, began to bury the crates with the belongings of Danzan Ravjaa in the Gobi desert.


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